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Are you looking for a banquet hall rental in memphis tn?

Well, you have landed on the right page. Welcome to the website of Aspire Event Center, which is considered to be one of the best banquet halls in Memphis TN.
Banquet halls are the perfect place when you want to hold a big party, celebrate a ceremony or have a completely elegant dinner with coworkers. These halls are usually compact and can house up to 50-100 guests at a time.
If you’re looking for a banquet hall rental in Memphis TN, there are only a few of them that can handle more than 100 guests per hall, and fortunately, we are one of those event centers. Aspire Event Center has the capacity to house up to 150 guests.

But what is it that you should look out for when booking a banquet hall for your event? Here are some of the most general things:

The Cost of Banquet Hall Rental in Memphis Tn

The rental price is usually charged per person, so it’s a no brainier that inviting more guests would result in an expensive rent for a banquet hall. However, there are some banquet halls in Memphis TN that offer dirt-cheap rates for their booking service. We, are one of those event centers. However, don’t think for a second that cheap price tags mean you are always getting a cheap product/service in return.In our case, Aspire Event Center offers more than what other banquet halls in Memphis TN offer. We will discuss that in just a moment.


The Importance of a Suitable Ambiance

Of course, the backdrop of a banquet hall is very important to suit the theme of your occasion. Whether its a wedding ceremony, a buffet dinner with friends/family, a birthday party or a corporate conference, the banquet hall’s ambiance should be set up accordingly. And not every banquet hall is versatile enough to adjust as needed. Ingeniously, we have built our event center (including banquet halls) in a way that its theme can be completely altered through decoration, ornaments etc. so it doesn’t look odd and can radiate an ambiance that complements the occasion. Here is another thing to look out for banquet hall rental in Memphis TN

The Services and Amenities of Banquet Hall

Before booking a banquet hall, you need to follow up with the extra services that your chosen event center offers. Most banquet halls in Memphis TN don’t really offer other services and amenities rather than the rental allowance of the place.

However, Aspire Event Center does. Here are the following amenities we offer:


Finding Wedding Locations in Memphis Tn

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  • Tables, Chairs, Linens are already available and set up in the banquet hall
  • A professional setup and cleanup crew ready to take care of the mess
  • Bleeding edge audio-visual equipment so you don’t have to bring it yourself
  • A separate VIP room as well as a bride’s room available 24/7 for use
  • Heightened stage area and spotlights attached within the banquet hall
  • Roomy banquet hall that can house up to 150 guests at a time

The Booking Availability of the Banquet Hall

Of course, not every banquet hall would be available for rent at the last hour. You have to be very careful about reserving the banquet hall for your event. We’d advise you to reserve it at least three to six months before the date of your occasion. This provides a sense of security and also allows you to easily book a banquet hall without worries.

Although there are some banquet halls in Memphis TN that offer last minute bookings (in the case that there hall is not already booked), they do charge a hefty price for that. Fortunately, we, at Aspire Event Center, don’t. We’d always advise you to book the banquet hall at least a month before your scheduled date of event, but even if you come rushing at us at the last hour, we won’t charge you extra for that. That’s a promise.

By now, you must have realized that Aspire Event Center is one of the best banquet halls in Memphis TN and probably offers more in an affordable booking rate. So what’s the wait? Dial 901-335-6341 today and book our banquet hall right now.